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Tell Congress: Defend DACA! President Trump has ended the DACA program because of pressure from extremists. That means that 800,000 youth like me could be deported at any moment. For me, this is not a political game, it’s my life. I need you to join me and help save DACA by contacting Congress today!

Tell Congress: Defend DACA
Senator Kamala Harris and a coalition of public, private, nonprofit sector health providers, as well as patients, clients, and beneficiaries of the Affordable Care Act on the steps of LAC-USC Medical Center, January 15,

Tell Congress: #NoSecretPlan for Healthcare: Call Congress NOW and ask them “What’s the big secret? Show us your plan that allows 30 million Americans to keep their coverage, protects Medicaid, and makes monthly premiums, co-pays and prescription medicines affordable for all.”

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Tell Governor Brown: Sign AB450: Immigrant workers are under attack by the Trump administration. SEIU Members have sponsored and lobbied in support of AB 450 the Immigrant Worker Protection Act which would require ICE to operate in line with California. Among other things the bill would require ICE agents to present a warrant when entering a workplace.”

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